Starts: 07/25/2014 5:00PM Ends: 2014-07-25:00.000 Duration: 05:00

July 25th, 2014

At The Hide House * 2625 S Greeley St. Milwaukee, WI

This eye-opening, DIY exhibition challenges dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. 40 artists have come together to explore social, economic, and ecological balance and imbalance.

Culture Jam Mke Artist Lineup

Jeff Redmon, Anja Notanja Sieger, Overpass Light Brigade, C. Matthew Luther, Waldek Dynerman, John Kowalczyk, Daniel Fleming, Christopher McIntyre, Have Goals, Amanda Iglinski, Ryan Laessig, William Zuback, Therd, Elias Vallejo, Nicolas Lampert, Dara Larson, Melanie Ariens, Joseph Erm, Scott Jackson, Marc Tasman, Sara Risley, Nicki Werner, Thaison Nguyen, Kerri Root, Laci Coppins, CD Boleratzky, Eric Koester, William Arthur, Kari Couture, Adam Ithier, Ann Wydeven, Kari Garon, Clive Promhows, Sara Bott, Charles Watson, Christopher McIntyre, Brian Hibbard, Ethan Keller, Brandon Minga, Katie Mullen